Sprinting with Agile

On 4th Sep 2015, Oracle Mumbai organized “Teach-It-Forward” an event to feature young OFSS employees who gave short talks on technology and functional knowledge. The event had some great talks on topics like MEAN Stack, Mobile Banking, Preparing for PMP, Bitcoin etc. I was also asked to give a small talk for the session. I chose to speak on Agile Methodology.

Agile is a customer focused software development methodology in which a big project is subdivided in small mini projects. One or more such mini projects are completed in an iteration lasting two to three weeks long. What results is a partially usable product for the business owner, which can be then taken to end users.

An emails for the event was sent out to all OFSS staff a few days before the event with names and order of all the speakers. I was the first speaker in the list. I was quiet nervous as I presumed I had to open the event with my talk. But it turned out, on the day of the event the order was changed and I was placed as the last speaker. I was a little relieved by this news. The event was scheduled post lunch and I was going to go last on stage. I knew I had to put in some extra efforts to keep the audiences interested. So instead of giving a routine presentation using a ppt, which almost all the participants in the event did before me. I thought of engaging the audience by running them through a complete cycle of an Agile project.

I asked a friend of mine to video record my talk so that I can see how it went and where I can improve. Since I have shot this using a smart phone the audio and video quality might be a little poor. Here is the link to my talk. Do share you thought and ideas on the content and my presentation.

Sprinting with Agile


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